ThumbTack Microphones for iPods Look Sharp


ThumbTack iPod is tiny microphone and it’s also cute. I like the styling of it. The thumbtack shape and bright colors is distinctive and the design should allow you to easily insert and remove the mic from your iPod.
It fits in pretty unobtrusively, ready for you to record your whiny voice right into your iPod.



Spaulding iHoop Basketball Hoop has an iPod Dock and Speakers


Rock n’ Roll as you shake and bake and dish and swish with the new Spaulding iHoop (I think I channeled a little Walt Clyde Frazier there). The iHoop is a standard adjustable tempered glass basketball hoop with one major rocking difference- built into the base is an iPod dock and 3 speakers (a pair of 3? speakers and a 5? subwoofer) pumping out a total of 30 watts of sound.
The iPod dock is hidden behind a panel with five quick access buttons and is protected from your air balls and angry kicks when you don’t get the call you want. The speakers and enclosure are weather protected as well.



USB UFO Rechargeable Speaker


Here’s a cute little USB Rechargeable Speaker shaped like a UFO. Although it does sort of look like a hat too, once the top “hatch” portion is opened to reveal the speaker, it does look more like something Mulder and Scully would be looking for (in a tiny plastic 1950’s style format of course):

It has a blue LED power indicator for a cool effect. This is not as cool as the UFO Lamp but still a pretty cool little UFO gadget.



TV Stand with Built in Speakers


This slick looking TV stand from Onei Solutions puts 6 speakers right into the stand itself to minimize visual clutter and maximize sound volume. With a modern appearance featuring a piano black finish and chrome legs, this sleek stand has six 15 watt speakers and a pair of HDMI inputs. If you’re in the UK you can pick it up for around $500, which is really not too bad a deal considering the cost of TV stands these days.



Boynq Sabre iPod Dock


The Boynq Sabre iPod Dock is probably the only iPod Dock in the world with a Q at the end of it’s name and thus might be the highest scoring Scrabble name in the iPod accessory industry. It also sort of looks like a roll of film being unspooled. I wonder how the sound is since the speakers are not pointed straight but instead off to the sides. Here’s the specs:



icePod is the Sweetest iPod Yet


The icePod is the sweetest iPod ever because it’s made of ice cream! From Norwegian ice creamery Henning Olsen, comes this delicious looking ice cream bar in the shape of an iPod (errr unofficial product, make that “shape of an MP3 player”). Each box comes with a free Norwegian song download. Unlike the real iPod, it’s ok if your icePod freezes up- it’s recommended. It should be in stores (in Norway) this month, barring any cease and defrost orders from Apple.